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Learning outside the classroom

 Here are your activities for your time away from school. Children have already been issued with and reminded of logins and usernames for the school website and  Education City, if you can't find them please email me.

Login to the school website and click on the scrapbook tab.

Create a scrapbook called Reading Record . Use this scrapbook to record your daily reading, make a note of the book, date and pages read. Use them just lilke your Reading Record book, I will be checking them regularly, so keep them up to date.

Create a second scrapbook called Learning Outside the Classroom.  This is where you can upload the work you are doing at home. When you have finished your work, you can click on this scrapbook, you can leave comments, add pictures or insert videos.


  • Read for a minimum of 30 minutes and record it in your reading record scrapbook.
  • Complete Education City Maths games for 30 minutes.
  • Complete Education City English games for 30 minutes.

Go outside for some fresh air and exercise, have fun and get out of breath. Spend at least 30 minutes doing this.


  • Complete ONE page in your maths homework book. Mark each page with the date it was done and make sure it is checked and marked by an adult each week.
  •  Go to "Pobble 365", (it's free). Choose a photograph for the week and use it to create a piece of writing. Read it carefully with an adult and discuss what type of writing you would like to do; is it a story, a letter of complaint, a re writing of a traditional tale......? The choice is yours. Remember to upload you work into your scrapbook.
  • ART: There are some fantastic ideas for children's artwork on "Pinterest". Also worth looking on ""- (choose the topic by age or subject, you can even choose cartoons). Have a good look and see if you can try something new each week. 
  • Do something great in the kitchen! Make something you have never made before or try to repeat something you made in cookery club. Take a photo to upload and share with us.
  •  Write a letter to someone you can't go to see. This might be Grandma or Grandad, a cousin or an old friend. Send them a picture and tell them what you have been doing while off school.
  • Skype or Facetime grandparents regularly to keep them company.
  • Design and make your own board game your own board game. Play it to test it out and perhaps improve it as you go.
  • Learn to juggle!
  • Ask Mum how to play "two ball" against a wall, make an assault course in the garden, play some outdoor games like "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?"
  • If you have any other great ideas, let me know and send us photos of you doing it.





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