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Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom

Here are the activities that you are to complete while you are unable to come to school.

Log in to the school website and click on the pupil login icon and log in. Once you have logged in, you will be able to create a scrapbook. Please create 2 separate scrapbooks:

One called Reading Record. This is where you or your parent will record your reading (you could even upload a video of you reading a book or a chapter of a book so I can see how much fun you’re having).

And the other called Learning Outside the Classroom. In this scrapbook, you can add pictures, complete tasks or add videos of the work that you have completed.

There are tasks that you (your child) will have to complete in your green Homework book. However, so you can receive feedback from me, and I can see all of your fantastic work, it would be great if you uploaded a picture of the work you’ve done to your Learning Outside the Classroom scrapbook.

Every day (in any order)


Read for a minimum of 20 minutes, and record your reading in your reading record scrapbook.

Parents - If you want to access some ebooks for free that are banded to a similar level to that that your child is reading, you can log in to the Oxford Owl website ( using our class log in (My Class Login - it's at the top of the page in a pink box):

Username: stannesclass2

Password: class2

With some of the books there are activities for your child to play, which can be clicked on at the top of the page. Some others have useful questions to ask your child on the last page of the book. Please do ensure that you are improving your child's reading by asking them lots of questions and explaining what new words mean to them.


If you are in year 1 then you should complete the year 1 section on White Rose's home learning page (you do not need to print the worksheets but can just note the answers in your homework book or on scrap paper). If you are in Year 2, you should complete both the year 1 and year 2 sections on the learning screens. The link to the website is below:

Education City

Complete the Education City games that you have been assigned in the classwork section of the website.


Handwriting should be done for 15 minutes a day, using a sharp pencil.


The above website is a fantastic game for you to play. Only play for 10 minutes a day, and pick which spelling pattern or tricky words you want to play - change them each day.

If parents note the spelling patterns that their child has learnt over the course of the week, then they will be able to test them at the end of the week.


Get outside for 30 minutes, have fun and get out of breath or improve your catching and throwing skills - you could even learn a Supermovers dance; the website for which is - this is a great way to learn English and Maths in a fun and different way.

Every week

Different weekly tasks will be assigned for you to complete over the course of the week. These can be done at any time and in any order - I will outline what the weekly tasks are in a separate class page.

Have fun and enjoy completing the activities that you’ve been set to complete at home.

Thank you

Mr Harley    

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