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Summer Term - Maths Provision

Maths Provision in the Summer Term

Dear Parents,

As we are ready to begin, what should be, our Summer Term, we have decided to provide you with links to a very good maths resource which will enable you to support your child at home with more confidence. The school has decided to subscribe

This website has created a thorough plan of maths for all year groups, Reception to Year 6 and the plans include videos and worksheets with answers! The videos explain the maths principles very clearly and the explanations are staggered to allow working out within the session. We think you will find them very straightforward to use and the children we have tried them on in school, really enjoyed them.

Instructions: 1. As you look at the website, click on HOME LEARNING on the top menu.

2. From there, choose your child’s year group from either the right hand menu or the boxes below.

3. There you will see Summer Term- Week 1 (w/c 20 April)

4. Each day has a different video, worksheets and answers to go with it.

5. Please do not be put off if you do not have the ability to print out the activities, these can be copied from screen and worked out on paper.

6. Please don’t be tempted to rush on and do more days’ activities, it is better to work regularly than steam ahead and then stop. Some children may need to work from a different year group, please be advised by your teacher.

7. If you wish to do more Maths with your child, please feel free but use other resources like Education City or BBC Bitesize Maths . Practise on number bonds, times tables, telling the time or measuring is always useful

Until Friday 1st May, all these resources are available to you directly from the website. After this date, the videos will still be accessible to you directly but the activities will be available via our school website as we will then be subscribing to the service.

We hope you find these sessions helpful and it will help prepare the children for their return to school.

Jacky Chapman

Maths Coordinator

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