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Summer term - week 13/7/20

Literacy – this week you are going to create your own minibeast.  Consider what it will look like:  Will it have wings?  How many legs does it have?  How many eyes?  What does it eat?

Monday – Draw a picture of your minibeast (A4 size) and label the different parts.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – create a fact file for your new minibeast.  Come up with one fact every day, but remember this is your minibeast so they can be whatever you want them to be.  Remember your sentence should have a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.  Write your sentences as independently as possible.  Complete each page with a picture to go with each piece of information.

Friday – What is your minibeast called?   Create a cover for your fact file.  You will need a title, a picture of your minibeast and your name as the author of the fact file.  Staple your pages together to complete your book.


Phonics – Carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day (these will reinforce the sounds that we have already learnt).

Over the next few weeks we are going to revisit some of the digraphs that we learnt earlier this year.  I am going to assume that we are all confident with sh, ch, th, ng as these were the first digraphs that we learnt and so we have already practiced these a lot.

This week we are going to look at the trigraphs air, ear, ure

See video to remind you of the pronunciation of these trigraphs.

Can I please remind Mrs Bradley’s phonics group to complete the activities that she is setting for you, although you could still have a go at these activities.

Monday – play the games ‘Rocket Rescue’, ‘Space Race’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’ on phonics play. these games are free to use at the moment just use the user name march20 and the password home.  Click on resources – phase 3 – and then just click start on Rocket Rescue and Space Race. 

For Dragon’s Den it is a little bit different this time as we are going to revise all of the digraphs/trigraphs we have learnt.  Click on start – phase 3 – revise all of phase 3.  If you would prefer to play Buried Treasure or Picnic on Pluto, then that is perfectly fine as they are the same type of game just with different characters.

Tuesday –  Today we are looking at reading words by playing countdown.  I have put together a list of words containing the trigraphs and you have to see how many you can read in 1 minute (it doesn’t matter if you don’t read them all!).  Have several tries, can you read more words by the end?  Can anyone read all of the words in 1 minute?

List: fair, dear, cure, rear, pure, hair, beard, lair, mature, pair, near, gear, secure, fear, manure, tear

Wednesday – We are going to continue writing sentences containing tricky words for you to practise writing them.  I will keep the rest of the words quite simple as it is the tricky words that we will be concentrating on.  Get your mum/dad to check you spelling and then if you have made a mistake practice writing the word several times correctly, this will help you to remember it.  I have made all of the tricky words bold so that you know which ones we are working on.

You can all get me.            Can I hop?             We are sad.

It was my go.                   They went to the bin.

Thursday – We are still continuing to practice reading the tricky words that you would have learnt had you been in school.  I have uploaded the video from last week for you to continue to practice reading the words that I am holding up.  You can do this activity at your own speed – pausing the video if you need to and asking your mum/dad to help you.  There is also a game on phonics play called ‘Tricky Trucks’.  This time you need to click on phase 4 in resources.  After clicking start, select Phase 4 tricky words.  The words will come up in turn (like the cards I hold up) and you have a go at reading them.  You will need your mum/dad there to click correct or incorrect to move you onto the next word.

Friday – To continue to practice your cursive handwriting (see video),


Maths – carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day.

We are going to be using white rose maths where there are activities available which give you a task to carry out each day.

This week we are looking at ‘Reading and writing numbers to 20 (and then to 100)’.

I would expect children from maths groups 1, 2 and 3 to try all of the tasks, children from group 4 should do tasks 1 and 3.  If you cannot remember which maths group you were in then ask your mum or dad to email me.

Task 1 – Download the 1-20 number track which has some of the numbers missing.  Put your counter on number 1 and take it in turns to roll the dice.  Move your counter the number of spaces rolled.  If you land on a square with a number, then you just read that number.  If you land on an empty square, then you need to say what the missing number is.

Task 2 – Download the 1-100 number square which has some of the numbers missing on each line.  Put your counter on number 1 and take it in turns to roll a dice.  Move your counter the number of spaces rolled.  If you land on a square with a number, then you need to read that number.  If you land on an empty square, you need to say what the missing number would be.

Task 3 – Download the empty number tracks (these are actually 1-10 number tracks but they have larger boxes for you to write the numbers in).  Create your own 1-20 number track by sticking 2 of these tracks together and writing the numbers in order (one number to each box).

Task 4 – Using the empty number tracks (you will need 3 sheets) have a go at creating your own 100 square.  Write your numbers, in order, from 1-100 (one number in each box) and then stick the tracks together so that it forms a number square.  Remember to make sure that all of the numbers are in the correct order.


If we had been in school this week we would have had no official PE sessions due to class swaps.  So I am going to leave it up to you how you keep active this week.  You may decide to go for a bike ride; you may decide to have a race with your brother or sister; you may go for a walk every day; it is up to you.  Remember to put a photo onto the ILD to let me know what you have been doing.


Topic – Minibeasts

Where does your minibeast live?  Create a habitat for your new minibeast (the one you have invented for literacy).  You could draw or paint a picture, make a collage or actually create the habitat using junk modelling or nature itself.  Use your imagination.  Maybe you could even make a model of your minibeast to put into the habitat.

Make sure you take a picture of the habitat and upload it onto the ILD.

There are also minibeast counting in 2’s sheets (they get trickier), a minibeast subtraction sheet and a couple of word searches for you to complete.

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