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Summer term - week 15/6/20

Literacy – this week’s work is linked to our new topic of minibeasts.

Create a list of all the minibeasts that you find this week.  Make sure that you sound out your words independently.  Make this list over several days as you may see different minibeasts on different days.  There is a search sheet in the homework section if you wish to use that instead, but you will still need to write the names of all the minibeasts that you find.  There is also a tally sheet for you to complete.  This may not have all of the minibeasts that you find on it so you may need to make your own tally sheet to include all of the creatures you find.  For how to use the tally sheet please see the video.


Phonics – Carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day (these will reinforce the sounds that we have already learnt).

We are continuing to look at cluster words.  These are words that have two consonant sounds together e.g. went or frog.  This week we are looking at words that contain a cluster and use one of the digraphs we have learnt.  If you are unsure of the digraph then use your blue jolly phonics book to help you.

Can I please remind Mrs Bradley’s phonics group to complete the activities that she is setting for you.





Monday – using a four square phoneme frame (if you need to), remember a digraph is one sound so the two letters will be written in one box.

Write the following words:

Clown; sport; speech; trash; spoil; spoon.

Tuesday – Write a sentence for each of the words that you wrote yesterday, therefore writing 6 sentences.  Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Wednesday – To revise writing the tricky words was, you (see video).  Then write these sentences:

She was going to twist the top.                        You can have a crash.

Thursday – To be introduced to reading the new tricky words – were, there (see video). 

Friday – To continue to practice your cursive handwriting (see video),



Maths – carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day.

We are going to be using white rose maths where there are activities available which give you a task to carry out each day.

This week we are looking at counting in 2’s and repeating patterns.

Counting in 2’s – start by watching the video attached, this will show you how we would begin to count in 2’s in class.

There are lots of activities to count in 2’s – everybody put their hands up (fists) and count the hands 2, 4, 6 etc.  Think of how we talk about ‘pairs’ (which is two of something).  What do we have that are pairs?  Can you find anything that is a pair?  Examples of pairs – socks; gloves; shoes; eyes; ears; feet etc.

Activity – using a set of 2 – 20 number cards (just the even numbers) which are mixed up, can you put them in order?  Once in order close your eyes and someone else will turn over two numbers – can you say what the numbers are on those cards?  Do this several times.

Repeating patterns – using any items that are suitable and you have available.  Create repeating patterns or 2, 3 and 4 colours.


P.E. – looking at running skills

Normally at this time of year we would be getting ready for sports day where the children would do a running race.  To prepare for this we would consider how we should run and how we shouldn’t run.  Try running without bending your knees; how fast can you run without using your arms; make the widest shape you can whilst running; does lifting your knees as high as possible make a difference?

Obviously the important thing is for the children to be active, so remember to try to get out (if the weather permits) and carry out some exercise.


Topic – Minibeasts

This week we are beginning our new topic – Minibeasts.  This topic will last us until the end of the summer term.


What minibeasts can you find?  Your garden will contain many different habitats for minibeasts – understones/rocks; grassy areas; in & around bushes; the pond area (if you have one) etc.  This week you need to look in and around all of these different areas to see what different minibeasts you can find.  Make a list of all of the different minibeasts that you find and complete a tally chart (see video on how to do this).  Look at different times and if possible in different weathers – does the weather/time you look make a difference to the type/number of minibeasts you find?

There is also a minibeasts counting activity for you to complete and some colouring sheets that you may like to do.



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