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Summer term - week 20/7/20

These are the last three days of the school year so I thought we would just do a few activities to finish off.

If you are downloading work onto the ILD then this will need to be done by Wednesday as it is closed after this date, sorry.


Literacy – write a letter to introduce yourself to Mr Harley.  Tell him what you enjoy and what you are good at.  After you have downloaded your letter onto the ILD then you need to post it or pop it into school for him to read.


Phonics – Keep practising!

Explore the phonics play website (which continues to be free) phases 3 and 4.

Phase 3 practices the digraphs and trigraphs that we have learnt.

Phase 4 looks at words with cluster.



Minibeast addition and subtraction sheets (up to 10, up to 20 and up to 30).

Ordering minibeasts by size from the smallest to the largest.  Download a sheet (there are lots so you need to decide which minibeast you want to do), cut out all of the minibeasts and then place them in order.  There are lots of different minibeasts available so you can do this activity more than once if you want to.

Topic - Minibeasts

Match the minibeast to the written fact.  You need to read the fact and then match it to the correct picture.

Spider web art activity – you may need a little help to draw your spider web to begin with.

Finger print minibeast garden activity – follow the instructions that can be downloaded.

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