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Summer term - week 29/6/20

Literacy – this week we are going to create another minibeast fact file.  Last week you wrote about your favourite minibeast; this week I want you to write about the minibeast that you dislike the most (for me that would be spiders).  What creepy facts can you discover?

Monday – decide which creature you are going to write about and spend today researching your creature – look in books or use the internet – you will need at least 3 facts (like last week). 

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – create your fact file.  Use a different piece of A4 paper for each fact.  On each page (do 1 per day) you will need to write one fact and draw a picture to go with that fact.  Do not just copy the fact from your notes, make sure you make up your own sentence.  Remember your sentence should have a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.  Write your sentences as independently as possible.

Friday – Create a cover for your fact file.  You will need a title, a picture of your minibeast and your name as the author of the fact file.  Staple your pages together to complete your book.


Phonics – Carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day (these will reinforce the sounds that we have already learnt).

Over the next few weeks we are going to revisit some of the digraphs that we learnt earlier this year.  I am going to assume that we are all confident with sh, ch, th, ng as these were the first digraphs that we learnt and so we have already practiced these a lot.

This week we are going to look at oo/oo, ar, or

See video to remind you of the pronunciation of the digraphs.

Can I please remind Mrs Bradley’s phonics group to complete the activities that she is setting for you.

Monday – play the games ‘Grab a Giggling Grapheme’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’ on phonics play. these games are free to use at the moment just use the user name march20 and the password home.  Click on resources – phase 3 – and then on the giggling grapheme game.  For the ‘Dragon’s Den’ game once you have clicked on the game it will again ask you which phase – phase 3 – and then ask which sound you want to look at.  Pick either oo, ar, or.  Play several times and then you can do all of the sounds.

Tuesday –  make a list of 5 oo (as in cook) words; 5 oo (as in moon) words; 5 ar words and 5 or words.  It does not matter if these words are spelt correctly as long as you use the sound correctly.

Wednesday – To revise writing the tricky words my, all (see video).  Then write these sentences:

Can they grab my coat?                        We are all on the moon.

(Revising the tricky words ‘they’, ‘we’, ‘are’ and ‘the’ as well.  Most children will be able to write me/the without help, they may need reminding of ‘they’ and ‘are’ from last week.)

Thursday – To be introduced to reading the new tricky words – little, one (see video). 

If Mrs Bradley’s groups are also doing this activity just concentrate on reading (and recognising) the words.

Friday – To continue to practice your cursive handwriting (see video),


Maths – carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day.

We are going to be using white rose maths where there are activities available which give you a task to carry out each day.

This week we are looking at ‘Counting on or back 2 or 3’.

Carry out some practical activities for example, using toy cars set up a garage.  Count how many cars there are in the garage and say how many there will be if 1, 2 or 3 come or leave.

Counting on or back 2 or 3 – using your 1-20 number track from last week everybody starts by putting their counter on the number 10.  The first player rolls a dice with +1, +2, +3, -1, -2, -3 on its faces.  They then predict where they will land.  If correct they move their counter there.  The first person to reach 1 or 20 wins.

Please play this game several times over the week in order for the children to practice their addition and subtraction skills.



Last week was National Schools Sports Week (NSSW) and this week would have been our sports week in school culminating in sports day on Friday.

I have attached the NSSW ‘Sports week at home’ document (which I have taken the Monday – Thursday challenges from) for you to use (you will need the links for Thursday’s challenges).

MondaySpeed Bounce – How many times can you jump from side to side in 60 seconds?

            -  In the Box – How far away from the box can you get and still land your ball on target?

TuesdayCool Catcher – How many throws and catches can you do with a partner in 60 seconds?

WednesdaySwipe & Swap – How good are you at moving objects with different parts of your body?  Have a go.

       - Go for a bike ride – Challenge yourself to cycle further than you have.  Stay safe and take notice of your environment.  Always listen to the adult in charge.

ThursdayPartner Dance – find a partner and have fun.  Either copy the dance (find by clicking on this activity on the attached NSSW document) or choreograph your own.

               - Disney Dance Along – looking for inspiration then check out these Disney themed dances (click on this activity on the attached NSSW document).  Find a partner, pick your favourite Disney Dance , practice and perform.

Friday – create your own sports day different activities and races e.g. egg and spoon race; running races; hopping race; 3-legged race; skipping; dribbling a football.


Topic – Minibeasts

This week we are creating minibeasts out of paper plates.  Attached are the instructions on how to make them.  These instructions show you how to make a ladybird, a snail, a bee and a beetle (although from the picture it looks like a spider as it has 8 legs).  It would be great if you could make one of each (Monday – Thursday) and then on Friday see if you can make one that isn’t on the instructions, for example, a caterpillar or an earwig etc.

Can you create a background to display your ‘minibeasts’?  This could be made from collage/paint or if the weather remains good maybe you could use the natural world as your background.  Upload all of your pictures onto the ILD.

There is also minibeast addition sheets to be completed. 

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