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Summer term - week 8/6/20

Literacy – This week you are going to create a poster about internet safety.  Last week you should have worked through the power points and discussed what the most important points are e.g. don’t give out your address on the internet.  Your poster needs to be at least A4 size, but it could be bigger if you wanted.  You may use bubble writing; capitals; lots of bright colours etc., the idea is to stand out.

Don’t rush this task you have the whole week to complete this.


Phonics – Carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day (these will reinforce the sounds that we have already learnt).

We are continuing to look at cluster words.  These are words that have two consonant sounds together e.g. went or frog.  This week we are looking at words that have clusters both at the beginning of the word and the end of the word (CCVCC) e.g. plump.

Can I please remind Mrs Bradley’s phonics group to complete the activities that she is setting for you.






Monday – using a five square phoneme frame (if you need to).

Write the following words, remembering to put one sound in each square:

Plump; crept; craft; slept; blend; trunk.

Tuesday – Write a sentence for each of the words that you wrote yesterday, therefore writing 5 sentences.  Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Wednesday – To revise writing the tricky words he, she, we, me, be (see video).  Then to write the following sentences that incorporate one or more of these tricky words and consider cluster words.

We can stand in the frost.  He is to be a drink.

She is going to stamp.      Can we grunt? (discuss the use of a question mark.)

Thursday – To be introduced to reading the new tricky words – so, do (see video). 

Friday – To continue to practice your cursive handwriting (see video),



Maths – carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day.

We are going to be using white rose maths where there are activities available which give you a task to carry out each day.

Doubles – start by watching the video attached.  Then play ‘doubles bingo’.  Choose 3 numbers from 1 to 10 and write them down.  Roll a 1 – 6 dice.  Children use their fingers to double the number.  If anyone has the answer, then they mark it off.  If you roll a six, then either roll again or if you think your child is confident explain that double 6 is twelve but it can’t be worked out using your fingers.  The first person to mark off all three numbers wins.  Play several times, asking your child to think carefully about the numbers that they choose – will they ever be able to mark off 3?  (Discussion of odd and even numbers.)

P.E. – Looking at throwing at a target –  begin to look at throwing a smaller ball e.g. a tennis ball or a bean bag.  Does the size of the object make a difference to how you throw it?  Carry out throwing and catching between people and then move onto throwing at a target – a ball or bucket etc.  Vary the distances that are being thrown so that you have to consider how much force to throw with.

Obviously the important thing is for the children to be active, so remember to try to get out (if the weather permits) and carry out some exercise.


Topic – Internet Safety

This week we are taking the information that the children looked at last week and turning into an internet safety poster (part of their literacy work).  If you haven’t had chance, please complete last week’s activity first.

This was last week’s activity:

As the home learning has been done via the internet I thought it would be a good idea to look at how to stay safe whilst using it.  There is a power point to work through which explains what children should and shouldn’t do whilst on line.  It does talk about social media sites and whilst I would hope that reception children would not be on these lots of them do have older brothers and sisters so may be aware of them.  I am also adding another power point which uses characters from traditional tales (e.g. Red Riding Hood) to ask questions and this would then lead to a discussion.  Please read this through and see if you would like to have those discussions.  There is also a work sheet for them to complete to show that they can say three things that they should keep safe on the internet.



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