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Summer term - wk 11/5/20

Literacy –Continuing our work on The Three Little Pigs

Task 1 –  If you can print out the pictures that show the story, cut them up and sequence them in the correct order (if you can’t print the pictures out then the children can draw their own versions of the printed ones.  If they draw them out of order, then they can still do the sequencing activity).  Using A4 paper, create a book and stick one picture on each page.  Do not stick one on the front page as this is the cover of your book.

Task 2 – Begin to write the story of The Three Little Pigs.  Do one picture per day (this means that you will only do the first 4 pictures this week!).  Try to write more than one sentence per picture and colour the pictures in as you go.  You could ask your mum or dad to draw some lines so that your writing stays neat and tidy.  Remember to use your cursive handwriting.


Phonics – Carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day (these will reinforce the sounds that we have already learnt).

We are now beginning to look at cluster words.  These are words that have two consonant sounds together e.g. went or frog.  This week we are going to look at CVCC words which means that the vowel will always come second as in ‘went’.

Monday – Looking at CVCC words were we are extending CVC words e.g. ben becomes bend by adding a letter.  Create a phoneme frame (as shown on the video) and have a go at sounding out and writing the words – damp, tent, wind, bent – remembering that one sound is written in each box.

Tuesday – Not all words are CVC words that have been extended e.g. fact, camp.  Today’s words all have 4 sounds and the vowel (a, e, i, o, u ) is always the second sound.  Stretch each word to try to hear all the sounds – the phoneme frame is useful here as the children can see that there are 4 boxes so there have to be 4 sounds.

Wednesday – Looking at ‘snowballing’ as a means to read cluster/longer words (see video).  Also looking at cluster words using digraphs e.g. shelf, this still have 4 sounds (even though it has 5 letter).  Task is to write the sentences ‘I can gulp my milk’ and ‘I sent it in the post.’  Please remind the children to start their sentences with a capital letter, to finish with a full stop and to leave finger spaces between the words.

Thursday – To be introduced to reading the new tricky word – said (see video). 

Friday – To continue to practice your cursive handwriting (see video),



Maths – carry out at least 2 Education City activities per day.

We are going to be using white rose maths where there are activities available which give you a task to carry out each day.

This week we are also going to look at Counting in 10’s and Estimating.

Counting in 10’s – Begin by having a go at counting in 10’s.  Use your fingers for showing each 10.  Make some number cards saying 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.  Deal them out (3 each to 3 people is great) and the last card is turned over and put in the middle of the table.  The first person turns over their card and puts it before or after the card on the table only if it is the next or previous number e.g. if the number on the table is 60 then the player can only put down 50 or 70.  If they can’t go then they put their card to the bottom of their pile and the second person tries.  Play continues until all of the cards are in order and then you count along the number line to check.

Estimating – remind the children that estimating means to make a sensible guess.  Take a bag of oranges (should be at least 15) and estimate how many there are.  Then take them out and check.  How good was your estimate?  Then take a bag of jigsaw pieces (between 50 & 100) and estimate how many you think there are.  When counting to check show that we can group them in 10’s and then count in 10’s to find out how many pieces there are.  Grouping in 10’s means less mistakes and if you do make a mistake then you don’t have to start counting from the beginning.

P.E. – continuing our work on throwing and catching.  Still using a large ball (about football size):

Continue to consolidate the skills that we have been doing (throwing and catching whilst walking in a pair and the shoulder throw) and then move onto learning the chest throw (videos available for both throws).

Obviously the important thing is for the children to be active, so remember to try to get out (if the weather permits) and carry out some exercise.



We are continuing to look at materials.

This week we are thinking about the properties of materials.  Either print the ready-made table out (or create your own if you have no printer) and complete with as many different objects as possible.




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