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Brilliant work of the online week.

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 7:50pm

Week 12   We have been so impressed by the range and engagement of so many of Class 5 throughout this strange period of lockdown school. Well done all of you and thank you very much.

Week 10 It's only Tuesday and I am already blown away by two pieces of work. Please download and enjoy Adam's presentation about Banksy and James' presentation about AFC Bournemouth. (They are available to download at the bottom of this page.) The task was to create a presentation about anything they liked... and then to write a script and record the audio, so that they are making the presentation themselves in this virtual world. Bravissimo you clever boys!

Week 9 We have really appreciated the hard work this week of William McIntyre in a fabulous opening chapter for his science inspired story. Harrison is to be celebrated for cracking on with his maths learning independently, and Joshua again, for his consistent hard work and excellent attitude to online learning. Well done boys. Keep up the hard work.


Week 8  This week we are delighted to celebrate some excellent extended story writing by Tobias and James Jalal, and to recognise the great commitment to getting on with online learning by so many of the children in Class 5. This week, however,  we have chosen Luay. Well done boys. You are terrific.

Week 7 What a treat I had this week. I gave one of my groups of reading zoomers a poetry challenge, and was bowled over by Josh reciting the opening stanzas of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Dylan, Freddie and Alex, who all learned Sea Fever by John Masefield. You are all MAGNIFICENT! and worthy of your status in our superstars of online learning.

Week 6 We are delighted to add three more children to our gallery of superstars this week. Isaac has shared some excellent writing and some great ideas for science and DT in his scrapbook, Nelly has made super contributions to her zoom reading group and Callum, who has worked hard week by week, has a terrific attitude to independent learning. Well done you three superstars. Keep up the great work.

Week five of online learning has produced some excellent maths, writing, art, research, geography, history, music and we are thrilled by the wonderful learning which is happening in Class 5. Well done to all of you, especially children who are already in our gallery of online superstars, who continue to impress with their work ethic. You are joined this week by James J, for excellent writing, Shona, for splendid research into the Isle of Islay and great participation in weekly zooms, and Dylan, for effectively sharing his hard work online, and super participation in our zoom discussion. Well done each of you!

Week 4 The zoom sessions are continuing to be great fun and we are all becoming more competent at managing our learning. Thank you for your patience and our contributions, boys and girls.

This week's Children of the Fourth Online Week are Tobias and William, for excellent maths work and problem solving, and Alex for great thinking and consistent hard work online. Well done children! Keep up the hard work.

Week 3 Our three children of this third online week to add to the gallery of stars below are Sophia and Joshua for great participation in online discussions and Elouan for excellent imaginative writing. Well done to all of you!


Week two of our new online learning is now complete. Well done everyone for your interesting and amusing work. You are all magnificent.

However, this week's Children of the Online Week are:

Kate, for her wide ranging and interesting work (daily engagement with the website, Education City and other fun stuff;

Luay, for making me laugh out loud with his Easter card and his excellent (?) brave haircut (scalping?) but also for an excellent timetable and consistent hard work every day;

Teddy, for enterprising ideas to continue his music learning online. Well done each of you.


This has been the first week of children (and parents!) being responsible for their learning, and there have been some excellent examples of imaginative, creative work. 

Week one's top three Children of the Week in Class 5 were 

Adam for 'My Garden'

Charlie MD for his outstanding poetry 'My Childhood' 

Harrison for his practical science demonstration.

Well done you magnificent children.

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Mrs D wrote:

Oh my goodness!! What wonderful creative work, well done gentlemen. I am super impressed 😊

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