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MyHappymind at St Anne’s Fulshaw

MyHappymind is a science-backed programme for schools, grounded in the latest science and research about what it takes to create positive wellbeing. It is taught to every single child in school and there is a curriculum for every year group from EYFS to Year 6. The package also contains a staff wellbeing program and a parent app. The content of myHappymind covers all of the relationship and health education curriculum from the PSHE element of our provision.

The programme has five parts: Meet Your Brain, Celebrate, Appreciate, Relate and Engage. It is delivered by class teachers who have access to extensive training modules and resources to support their delivery. Teachers in Years 1-6 have access to 20 lessons and activities. Year 6 pupils have access to an additional 13 lessons to support transition and there are 80+ resources available to staff.

MyHappymind also provides a parent app, which we have rolled out to targeted parents in order to support a common approach at home and at school. 

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