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Date: 27th Apr 2016 @ 11:52am

BUBBLE TROUBLE!                                                                                    

She must have fallen asleep in the bath, because suddenly the water was cold. Standing up, she looked around. Algae dripped from her hair and pondweed was draped over her shoulder. The distant cheeping of birds fell on her ears and then a pink bird with blue speckled wings hopped up to her and started to tweet a song. He looked exactly like the birds on the tiles in her bathroom at home. Heaving herself out of the water, she was surprised to find herself surrounded by little pink and blue chicks. The one at the front spoke. “Follow me”. He beckoned with his wing. Hesitatingly, she stepped forward to follow the birds. They started to lead her through a dense forest, passing many strange-looking wells, until they came to a stop in front of a short grey well, with peeling green paint. “If you want to get home, jump,” twittered the leader bird, thrusting a wind towards the well. Cautiously, the girl peeked over the edge then gasped in horror. It was about a hundred metres deep, and the bottom seemed to be made of gravel.

“That’s my driveway!”  The bird nodded.

“Uh-huh. All you do is jump.”

She inhaled deeply, mustered up all her courage, clambered onto the edge and jumped. Suddenly she was whirling and spinning through pitch black space for what seemed like forever. Bracing herself for a hard landing, she closed her eyes. The sound of a familiar voice calling out to her, and the sound of footsteps on gravel caught her attention.

“Darling, why are you out here at this time of night?” her mother chided. “Did you enjoy your bath?”



Back in the bathroom, she checked if the tiles were in place and the bath was not a pond. They weren’t, but she swore one of the birds on the tiles winked at her.

By Ruby JKP


The Room Behind The Webcam by Matthew

Have you ever needed a place where you can escape?

It was mid-September, James started a new year and found he needed just that.

He was an outcast, He was desperate for a place where everyone liked him, His principal fantasy was to have friends.

Loneliness was his daily routine. His father was amazing at technology and worked day and night to make James’ dream a reality.

The next instance James logged on his computer, he was sucked into the screen!

He saw a sign, It was too far away to see. “E.SCAPE” said a voice, James stumbled on the floor and fell down a hill in shock.

He ran to civilisation, He knew It was the city because he could see the lights, But when he entered the city everyone liked him… Apart from one person, Max.

He despised James, he wanted to corrupt the city with hate, spoil James’ world.

Max filled the city with hate, everyone was angry attempting to attack James, He needed a way out!

He ran and ran, “I need to find the PC!” shouted James.

A green dot glistened in the darkness… It was the webcam!

He ran towards it and got sucked in the computer again into his bedroom.

James realised the world was dangerous so he threw his laptop away and when he went back to school everyone liked him for some reason?


I Can See You by Dan

Tom only intended on walking through the old demolition site. He was late for school and he really needed a shortcut. Something was telling him to go through the old, creepy demolition site; suddenly the wind picked up and he saw a black shape in the corner of his eye. It made his spine tingle.


In the distance, he could see the familiar outline of his school. He saw the shape again. Nearly there, he thought. Then, the ghost like creature floated in front of him.

“I’ve been watching you”, it said. Tom ran as fast as he could but somehow, the thing could keep up with his pace. He could see the school getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a wrecking ball swang in front of him and sucked him in. He was falling and falling and falling.


THUD! He landed on a soft sandy surface. He stood up and he tried to walk, his leg was causing him lots of pain. Dramatically, he could hear a fanfare in the distance. He hid behind a rock and peered over. Thousands of the ghost like creatures were standing in lines, listening to there leader. He could only make out a couple of words, kill the boy. They all turned round and looked at him.

“Kill the boy”, they all chorused. He was outnumbered, one thousand to one. He could feel anger and hate trying to take over him, then he passed out.


Spookier than it looks

by Ethan

This is how he died.


An old house had been built many many years ago, two adults moved in, but the windows were like eyes looking wickedly at the birds, as they flew off in a hurry. The two adults put it on sale, until a young man bought it. The sky turned black, then he climbed upstairs and saw an old bed.


It was uncomfortable, but he was very exhausted and fell asleep. He woke up thirsty for water, but as he woke up, he saw the picture in front of him changing, it changed into a horrible looking man, who came out the picture and soon enough, they swapped places. All he could see was the horrible man on the bed laughing at the boy.


5 weeks later his mum and dad wanted to see their son, as they opened the door of the house, they saw a man sleeping in the bed, and they couldn’t find him anywhere. But from then on, he was stuck in the diabolical picture forever…   


16 and onwards, by Estela

When I was 16 messing about in the park, swinging on the creaky swings, I FELL!

I Opened my eyes and sat up only to see black ,the wooden floor cracked wide above me .The eco of a loud bang  bounced through the rectangle room ,I stood up .I tiled my head upwards , looking for the gleaming light ,but there was none .

I rubbed my eyes then opened them again. In the darkness a blurry figure, I walked cautiously towards it, and then with a quick flick the lights turned on. A man smiling, with round glasses and a bright yellow bag, greeted me warmly. I carefully leaned over to see what in his bag ,I saw spray paint rolling around.

“Why have you got those”?

“You are the chosen one”


Mystery Room  by Imo

The abandoned room was the only forbidden place in the new house. What was in there? And is it dangerous?

 “Ben! What did I tell you about not going into that room get your hand of that door handle NOW!” demanded Mum angrily. “Okay mum,” obeyed Ben. He went outside to get his football and brought inside. Ben accidentally kicked the ball into a room, which had a sign, that said DO NOT GO IN. He opened the door and saw a portal. He saw the football and reached his hand into the portal and got sucked in it.

Ben found himself in a world full of creatures who were half of each other. “Excuse me um half cat half tiger have you seen a blue circular football?” asked Ben. “Yes I saw it, it is on your right hand side, no it’s behind you,” mumbled the creature. “Thank you,” replied Ben. ”Now I need to get back home, WAIT which way is home?” asked Ben.

He asked all of the creatures in the strange world, but none knew which way to go. Ben even asked the flowers and knows they don’t know where it is. Suddenly he saw a tiny creature coming towards him, which said,” I know where it is.”

“Who are you?” asked Ben. “It doesn’t matter: just follow me and I’ll show where the portal is.”

Ben followed the creature and found it.

“Thank you for helping me find it,” said Ben. “You’re welcome,” said the creature. He jumped into the portal and found himself back home. “Ben where were you? We looked all around the house for you,” concerned mum. “I guess it’s a mystery,” replied Ben cheekily.


The black hand

by Heather

When they first moved into their new house, they were too concerned about making new friends and decorating their rooms to notice the black mark, shaped like a human hand growing bigger every day in the hall.

The family agreed to have a big clean. As they scrubbed the youngest child noticed the oddly shaped mark and pointed it out. They each came up with their own explanation. “one of you must have kicked the wall yesterday as you ran upstairs” the mum declared. As she reached a hand towards the wall she disappeared. All the family were shocked. Where had she gone? Then absentmindedly the farther leaned next to the wall where the mark and disappeared just like this wife. The three children stared at each other. “it could have something to do with the mark being shaped like a hand? Suggested the oldest child.

Just then mum reappeared and a few second later dad followed. Surprisingly, their parents looked almost refreshed, as if they had just come out of a bath, even though they weren’t wet! Then they noticed mums wrinkles had vanished. “what happened the the three children cried. “something amazing,” replied the mum dreamily, but would say no more. Eventually they learned to except the mark but the children were warned to stay away.

The next year however, something very strange happened. When the children were playing in the garden the next door neighbours children said “what shape is your mark we have an eyeball?”


The Eyes Behind The Bathtub

by Jim

George only moved in two weeks ago. Ever since, he moved in he felt as if something was sapping his energy. He hoped that a bath would take the pain away, but surprisingly, it just got worse. That was when he saw them; the bright red eyes, staring at him through the overflow. He must have imagined it, for now they were gone.

After his bath he couldn’t stop thinking about them, they haunted him all through the night.

He woke up in the morning feeling determined to find out what the eyes were. Going into the bathroom, he watched for a long time, but when nothing happened he decided to take the grate off the overflow.

That was a mistake he would never make again- if there were a future for him. First he felt very dizzy and somehow he was in with those red eyes or were they ghosts (angry souls trapped in the overflow). He then realised that the ghosts didn’t mean any harm, but the house did. (read slowly) 


The Picture

by Isabella

We’ve never wanted to take the strange picture at the end of the hall off the wall: we didn’t know why it was there, but we just left it.


A new day a new world it was the first day of the summer holidays and my mum and dad were going away, and they left me with the strange picture, that picture has been there ever since we moved house but i’m not going to bother talking about that. I started walking down the hall and an eye moved on the panting, it was the man, I moved closer and blinked twice, I must have imagined it.


 The doorbell rang but nobody was there, I could hear people laughing and telling others what to do, no one was there, then I heard it again, I creped down the hall and opened a door that I have never seen before. 


All the ghosts out of the picture were here, and more. They were having some sort of party, I looked at myself, I was one of them, the woman in the painting…



by Olivia

Jonathan was excited about his new home; He hadn’t liked his old house. He joyfully skipped across the living room but one thing caught his eye. This door which was only big enough for an average 5yr old to enter this peculiar door. He tried to pry the door open but it wouldn’t budge: he needed to find a key!


The key seemed that it was used before but that didn’t matter Jonathan just wanted the door open, the key seemed to of fitted perfectly …as he turned the key…someone or something grabbed him through the pocket-sized door. He came round knowing he was not in his house, but rather a mysterious empty room…there was no way back. He could see a blurry outline of a ghostly figure leading him somewhere. Without hesitation, he decided to follow; he started to see little objects that seemed to get ten times bigger. John had loads of questions but how can he answer then; the ghost had no mouth! He chose to keep quiet, this endless path started to get boring so Jonathan wandered off but right in front of him was a small key (the same key he used to get in the empty room). Jonathan picked up the key and looked for a way out. Well all he could see was the trail of ghostly goo, john realised that he was following the ghost from when he entered this paranormal world and that he could trace back his footsteps and go back home. It wasn’t long before he was back when he started searching the walls but he couldn’t see a small door, but all of a sudden he bumped into the strange ghost! “Hello, “whispered the ghost “I guess you want me to take you home now.” “Yes,” he replied nervously. Then the ghost closed its eyes and john was at home at last! Or was he???


The visit to the Etihad by Millie Jaye


When I was younger, everything was planned out, everything was right, everything was normal, until 1 year ago.

I woke up and opened my old, brown , creaky wardrobe but none of my clothes were there, so I looked in deeper but I fell and when I sat up I was placed in the middle of the Etihad Stadium .

I was bewildered, all my clothes were hung up around the stadium but it felt strange, when I had been here before it was bigger but now it feels like it’s starting to shrink right in front of me.

All of a sudden the stadium lights flickered off, I started to worry I could no longer see where I was. They turned back on…I screamed, right in front of me was an old, ghostly man holding a sharp, silver pitch fork in his hand.

I didn’t know what to do except to scream .That was when I woke up. That morning I was confused the old man was my dad, was it him? , was it real?


Murder Mystery

by Harrison

It was a miserable stormy night, when a deafening scream woke Matthew and Jack. They both looked at each other in confusion. Matthew sat up, immediately fell out of bed, and Jack giggled, until the scream echoed once more. They both rushed downstairs to tell their parents what happened, but the parents just told the boys to go back to bed. Matthew and Jack returned upstairs and formulated a plan for the morning!


After breakfast, police sirens sounded outside the neighbour’s house. They decided to check out what happened, so they looked over the new , wooden fence in the back garden and asked the policeman, who was still at the house, what happened. He told them, “There was murder at number 8, and all that was left was a knife was stuck in a women’s heart, with a pool of blood on the floor!

The two excited boys went back home and, as they walked into the spare bedroom, saw a glimpse of a hand with blood on it, go through a portal. They looked at each other, gave a thumbs up, before following it.

 They found themselves in a dark and gloomy room, with shattered mirrors on the dull grey walls. A man, wearing a white, blood-spattered cloak, turned, and said, “I am the murderer who killed Mrs Thomson!”

Then he stepped through one of the broken mirrors and disappeared.

The brothers looked at each other, looked round, but the portal had disappeared!

“How will we get back home?” they asked each other.


They have never been seen since.


The old supermarket

by Izzy

The bullies were out to get him but Joe had nowhere to hide!

  They had been onto him for weeks. He was able to hide at home without them being able to get him, but now he had nowhere to go, no place to hide.

Joe had been trying out new places to hide each day, but every time the bullies found him in a heartbeat. The only place he hadn’t tried to hide, was the old supermarket. He had only ever heard it mentioned in whispers by the town folk. “No one has ever entered it and come out alive!” Joe had heard people say, but he had no choice. If he came out alive the bullies would stop chasing and hurting him because he would be the only person who ever survived it and would be a hero, but if he got killed he would have a better life in heaven than he would on earth.

The next day Joe went into the supermarket at dawn. All he could see was the checkout tills creaking as they slowly moved, and the old shelves were covered in cobwebs and dust. He walked around and found a door that said staff only. Joe told himself that this place wasn’t as bad or scary as he thought and he pushed open the door and stepped inside. 

 At first he heard voices murmuring around him. Shapes stated moving around. Then something jumped out at him and coved him in a black cloak. Joe ran for his life but a blanket of darkness was wrapped around him!!!     



by Belinda

Gary was running, he didn’t care where he went he just ran. He felt his knees fall the ground and cried out for help, but no one was there. It started to rain, but luckily he found a cave, so he ran in there for shelter.     

Sitting on a rock, he found an animal like scratch on the wall. As he touched it he felt the rock move under him, so he jumped off and found a grey hole where the it was.

A sharp growl echoed through the cave, before even thinking, he jumped in the hole.

He found a calm grey river, took a sip of the water and heard a louder growl.

Something jumped on his back, he wriggled and screamed, but it wasn’t enough. He was already floating dead in the water.


Boy disappears

by Crystal


On 1st August Saturday at 5:30am Billy Jones disappeared from Goldbourn Avenue Manchester.

Billy, six year old was last seen kicking a can down a street. He was wearing yellow t-shirt with a white trim, blue denim shorts and black Nike trainers. He was seen entering a small park.

Mrs Bell, our eye witness told us “I saw the little boy enter the park and climb onto the swing.” She then left her building, quickly running down the stairs and out of the door and into the shop. Another witness Mr Jones, a delivery, told us “I saw the boy on the swing, I turned to post my parcel, and heard screaming. I looked back and the park was empty.”

Billy Jones, had crept out of his bedroom window while his mum and dad were asleep next door.

The police continue to search for the missing boy and then the police found the missing boy he was in the park long time ago.










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