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Grounding Exercise

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 10:34am

Happy Monday to you all,


It’s the start of another week where we stay safe at home.

Having your normal daily routine change so much can make you feel worried, stressed and bored. This can sometimes lead to big emotions. 


To help you with those big feelings, I have added a poster that will help you manage them.

Some of you will recognise this from our Friends Resilience sessions. It is an excellent way to calm your body and mind, and help you focus on what is happening ‘now’. 


Remember to take your deep, slow breaths at the beginning and end of this exercise. Calming breaths really do help to settle your body and mind. 


Here’s to a great week ahead. Take care of your lovely selves. 



Hollie T wrote:

A bottle, mummy's bump,my cat, a laptop and a television.
Feel: the table,the pencil,the chair and the paper.
The pencil moving on the paper,a YouTube video and me breathing.
Shepherds pie and a cup of coffee. Something positive about myself
I'm a good girl!😂😁😃

Mrs Davies wrote:

Well done Hollie! Thank you for doing this.
I hope you enjoyed your shepherds pie.
And you most definitely are a good girl.
Take care of yourself.

Mrs Davies and Cookie x

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