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Learning Outside the Classroom Wednesday 25th March

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 12:48pm

Hello lovely children,

I hope that you are all well and are getting used to our new way of learning at home. I know that it feels very different to being at school each day, but I can see that so many of you are keeping in touch with each other through the website, which is fantastic. I know that others are using Skype, Zoom and Facetime to speak to each other, and that will help you all to feel like you are still part of a class even though you are learning in different places.

I understand that some of you might be worried about coronavirus or about when we will come back to school again. It is okay to feel worried and uncertain, talking to each other and the adults around you will help you to feel more reassured. Mrs Davies is posting lots of good ways to look after your emotional and mental health on our website. If you want help to think of ways to keep the worries from growing too big, this is a really good place to start. You can also send her messages if you would like a longer chat too.

We are now into the second week of isolation at our house and have been trying to find fun things to do while we are all at home. We don’t spend too much time watching the news and we have been sure to keep in touch with family and friends. We have been doing lots of reading, some film and music making and also some creative writing. I think we probably need to do some more maths, just to keep our brains ticking over!

Today we will go and spend some time in the garden – we have missed feeling sunshine on our skin over the last few days. It is important to get outside and I know that some of you have been doing some exercise and physical challenges outside as well as inside. This will help to keep you healthy and well while we are not at school. I’d love to see what you have been doing. Maybe you could post some pictures that might inspire others to get active too.

I have decided to post a challenge for you to complete every school day. If you want to join in, then you are very welcome to and you can post your replies below my message.

Today’s challenge:

Take the first letter of your surname (I’m Ms Daniel, so my letter would be D) and see if you can find the following, all beginning with your special letter:

  • Something you wear
  • Something you eat
  • Something you drink
  • A place
  • An animal
  • A girl’s name
  • A boy’s name
  • A name that can be for a girl or a boy
  • A country
  • A city
  • A river
  • A mountain range
  • An author
  • An artist
  • A singer or band
  • A sports team
  • A job
  • A word to describe someone
  • Something in your home
  • A body part


Harry V wrote:

V - Hand written and saved as an image on a scrapbook

Caleb S wrote:

Something you wear - Socks
Something you eat - Spaghetti
Something you drink - Summer Fruits
A place - Stockport
An animal - Salamander
A girl’s name - Sophia
A boy’s name - Steven
A name that can be for a girl or a boy - Sam
A country - Spain
A city - Salford
A river - Severn
A mountain range - Swiss Alps
An author - Stan Lee
An artist - Salvador Dali
A singer or band - Shawn Mendes
A sports team - Stockport County F.C
A job - Singer
A word to describe someone - Silly
Something in your home - Sofa
A body part - Skull

Charlie M wrote:

Something you wear - mittens
Something you eat - marshmallows
Something you drink - milk
A place - Minsmere
An animal - mole
A girl’s name - Maria
A boy’s name - Matt
A name that can be for a girl or a boy - Mackenzie
A country - Morocco
A city - Manchester
A river - Mississippi
A mountain range - Mintiqueira Mountains in Brazil
An author - Michael Morpurgo
An artist - Michelangelo
A singer or band - Madonna
A sports team - Manchester City
A job - mechanic
A word to describe someone - moody
Something in your home - Mum
A body part - mouth

Harrison B wrote:

Something you wear-boots
Something you eat-burgers
Something you drink-booze (my dad)
A place-Bahamas
An animal-bee
A girl’s name-bobalina
A boy’s name-bob
A name that can be for a girl or a boy-bobbi
A country- belgium
A city- bristol
A river-bollin
A mountain range--
An author
An artist
A singer or band beatles
A sports team
A job builder
A word to describe someone big
Something in your home baby
A body part brain

Oliver C wrote:

Something you wear -clothes
•Something you eat- carrots
•Something you drink - coke
•A place - city
•An animal- crab
•A girl’s name- Catherine
•A boy’s name - Connor
•A name that can be for a girl or a boy - Charlie
•A country - Canada
•A city - Chester
•A river - Camel
•A mountain range - Cairngorms
•An author - Cressida Cowell
•An artist - Carpaccio
•A singer or band - Coldplay
•A sports team - City (Manchester)
•A job - Caretaker
•A word to describe someone - Caring
•Something in your home - Carpet
•A body part - calf

Hollie T wrote:

Something you wear - Trousers
Something you eat - Taco
Something you drink - Tango
A place - Teg's nose
An animal - Tiger
A girl’s name - Tara
A boy’s name - Toby
A name that can be for a girl or a boy - Toni
A country - Thailand
A city - Toronto
A river - Thames
A mountain range - Tian Shan
An author - JRR Tolkein
An artist - Jean Tabaud
A singer or band - Taylor Swift
A sports team - Tottenham Hospur
A job - Traffic Warden
A word to describe someone - Tallented
Something in your home - Telly
A body part - Tongue

Ms Daniel wrote:

Great work everyone. I really like your ideas. You have worked very hard, especially those of you with trickier surname initials. Thank you for joining in with today's challenge. Watch out for tomorrow's!

If anyone else would like to have a go at this challenge, even after the date it was posted, you are very welcome to. I will read and approve all of your work :-)

Maximus M wrote:

Something you wear moon boots
Something you eat monster munch
Something you drink milk
A place macdonalds
An animal monkey
A girl’s name Macey, Molly, Millie, Megan, Mia
A boy’s name Max, Milo, Mack, Michael, Matthew
A name that can be for a girl or a boy Michelle
A country Mongolia
A city Manchester
A river Mersey
A mountain range Mount Madoriama
An author Michael Morpurgo
An artist Matisse
A singer or band Moby
A sports team Macclesfield Town FC
A job Mechanic
A word to describe someone Magnificent !!!!!!!
Something in your home Millie! our Cat
A body part mouth.

(this was a combined effort) by Max,Vivi and Mummy!

Mrs Chapman wrote:

Good ideas Max and Vivi. I particularly like the Michael Morpurgo, of course. xx

Ms Daniel wrote:

Some great ideas here. Max, you came up with so many names! Well done.

If you'd like to have a go at this challenge, but are worried that the date has passed, have a go anyway because I'll keep checking for contributions several times every day.

Ms Daniel wrote:

And Vivi and Mummy too!

Daisy K wrote:

Something you wear - kitten heels
Something you eat - kiwi
Something you drink - kir royale
A place - kent
An animal -kangaroo
A girl’s name - katherine
A boy’s name - kyle
A name that can be for a girl or a boy - kit
A country - kenya
A city - kuala lumpur
A river -kanab creek
A mountain range karokarum
An author - kerr Judith
An artist -kelf caroline
A singer or band-kata perry
A sports team-Kobenhaven
A job-karate teacher
A word to describe someone-knowing
Something in your home-knife
A body part-knees

Ms Daniel wrote:

Great work Daisy. K is a really hard one to complete!

Kate M wrote:

These are mine and Merryn's answers
Something you wear: Macintosh
Something you eat: meat/mango
Something you drink: Milk
A place: Manchester
An animal: Monkey
A girl’s name: Merryn
A boy’s name: Max
A name that can be for a girl or a boy: Micky
A country: Madagascar
A city:Madrid
A river: Mississippi
A mountain range: Middle Atlas
An author: A.A Milne
A singer or band: Madonna
A sports team: Manchester United
A job: Milk Man
A word to describe someone: Merry
Something in your home: Magnet
A body part: muscle

Ms Daniel wrote:

Thank you everyone who took part in this. You had some great ideas! Some letters were easy to work with and some were much harder. I'm very impressed by your perseverance.

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