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Welcome to our Wellbeing Blog

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 7:29pm

Hello everyone and welcome to our new Wellbeing blog.

I'm very excited to be able to share some tips, idea, videos and messages that will help you with your mindfulness and relaxation. Think of this as a virtual Relaxation Station with a few extra bits thrown in.

Things might seem a bit a strange at the moment with school being closed, and you may be feeling a bit worried about what is going on around you. It is absolutely ok for you to feel that way. Now more than ever it is important to keep up with your mindfulness and allow yourself moments where you can stop for a while and do something that will lift your spirits and make you feel calm and happy.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you have any ideas you would like to share then please let me know in the comments section.

Just remember the whole staff are here to support and care for you.

We are in this together and we will be ok in the end.

Stay strong, stay healthy and know that we are thinking of you and are looking forward to when we can all get back together again.

Mrs Davies and Cookie x

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