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Eco committee meeting minutes May 2016

Eco committee meeting

Tuesday 10th May 2016

Those present: Ethan, Ruby, Millie, Rafi, Lottie, Grace, Callum.


  1. Rafi suggested a litter pick
  2. Ethan said there should be a reward or stickers
  3. Ruby suggested a rota.

We agreed that children from the committee will take responsibility for organising the litter pickers on their day, and MOST IMPORTANTLY for returning the litter pickers to Mrs Clark. They will pick the litter either before eating lunch (infants) or straight after they have eaten lunch, (juniors).

 Monday              Class 2

Tuesday               Ethan

Wednesday        Ruby

Thursday             Class 4

Friday                    Class 3

They are to negotiate with class teachers about fair rewards for litter pickers. (5 teampoints or whatever class reward there is?)

Ethan said he thinks the frog bins are really good.



Do the children have to stay out of the chicken area now, or can they explore the gardens if they are careful and sensible around the chickens?

Could we do more gardening in classes?

Could we do some pond science?

Please could Mrs Cairns do a lunchtime gardening club for infants one day?

Mrs Thomas is going to start a gardening club, but for juniors, from next week.



Ruby and Ethan are to find out how to get prizes for competitions.

The children are thinking up a couple of competitions to encourage the children to ‘think green,’ and to encourage sorting of recycling and compostable materials from lunch boxes and snacks outside.


Next meeting

Tuesday 17th May 2.30 staffroom.


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